West Texas War Zone

Who is the best out West? There is only one way to find out! West Texas War Zone is Midland/Odessa's first individual Crossfit Competition. WWZ is a 1-2 day event that will challenge your strength, conditioning, skill, mental toughness, and fight. 3-4 WODS, All levels welcome. Whether you’re an officer or a general-We have a division for you! 4 Divisions: RX Men/ RX Women/ Scaled Men/ Scaled Women/ Only 30 spots available. Cash/Prizes to Top 3 in each division. Cash Prize and Traveling Trophy to the Box with the most overall points! Cost $75 All Athletes get a T-Shirt and pak filled with goodness. GET READY! THIS MEANS WAR!


2014-Get Ready for War!

Chad Collie

2013 West Texas War Zone

Chad Collie
West Texas War Zone Competitor.
The dust has now settled on what we have chalked up as a great competition and a success. We hope above all that you had a great experience competition and got to be a part of the FANTASTIC Crossfit community we have out here in West Texas.  We had 115  athletes from about 12 different boxed represented here last weekend. We had GREAT vendors and were also able to raise about $1500 for wounded warrior-which is awesome! Congratulations to ALL of our winners and competitors. The overall West Texas War Zone Champions went to Crossfit Midland, with CContinue Reading

Important Info!

Chad Collie

Please Read!

-All divisions except Women's RX are full! A waiting list has been started for those still interested. Please Email me your contact info and division if you would like to be on it. We are planning on running heats of 10 or more athletes at a time. If you are an RX Women and have not signed up-you better sign up quick. I will start using my waiting list to complete heats on WEDNESDAY NIGHT.

-Registration is from 6-7 Friday night for ALL DIVISIONS. If you can not make it Please let me know. You can register at headquarters Sat morning. 

-Things to not forget: jumpContinue Reading

Ready for War?

Chad Collie


Ready for the WODs?

Here they are!


Event 1- “Move Your Mass

Athletes will be weighed in upon registration. Athletes weight (Women 80%) rounded up or down and written on their hand.

Athletes will load a standard 45lb bar with the weight written on their hand. Judge will check weight and make sure it is correct.


Min      1          Snatch                      15 points per snatch

Min      2-3      Clean and Jerk          10 Points per Clean & Jerk

Min      4          Dead lift                      1 point per Dead Lift    


Total Points Wins

Continue Reading
Img_0837 Coach_overlay_ribbon
All divisions will be on rings Lol Board Push-take a board, put it on the ground, push it-Board Push
And are there any clues on what the h-e-double hockey sticks a "board push" is? Haha
Are the only people using rings for the dips RX men? Will all the other divisions be doing bar dips?
Img_0837 Coach_overlay_ribbon
Farmer's Carry
what does FC stand for?

On a personal note

Chad Collie

So I spent this weekend in the back yard making some stones (hint hint-maybe) & I had a lot of time to think about this next weekend. Who is going to win? What box is taking home the trophy? What will people say about the WODs? What are people training for, ect? It made me think of the first Crossfit competition I ever did.

It was September-day 3/ 5th of 6 event. The event had us doing pushups/squats/ swin in a nasty lake/ ropeclimb-repeat. The guy i was going against and I started to the lake at the same time-he chose to walk and get in while I chose to sprint and jump into tContinue Reading

Strong Women

Chad Collie

What is West Texas known for?

1.Crazy Wind

2. Rosas

3. Strong Women

We need y'all strong women here at West Texas War Zone! Only 3 spots left in the Scaled Women's division! Plenty of spots in the RX Women division.

Sign up-come out-throw the hair in a ponytail & get after it! 

"I'd rather be lying on the floor in a pool of exhaustion, then comfortably sitting with my feet up in a pool of regret"

quote-Chad Collie

(Totally just made that up but I really like it!) 


Who's Taking Home the Trophy?

Chad Collie

What Box is taking Me and $500 cash home June 22nd? We will find out soon! We're looking for the box that is going to sign up-throw down-and prove who is #1!

Only a few spots left in most divisions. Get signed up-your box and the trophy may be depending on it!

RX Men Full/Scaled Men Full

Chad Collie

RX men Division & Scaled Men division are officially full. If you would like to be put on the waiting list if a spot becomes available-please email me your name and contact info at westtexaswarzone@gmail.con


WOD Sneak Peek

Chad Collie

Did we release the WODs?

                                      -No.   WOD details will be released next Monday night

Did we upload the WOD names under Results?


Did you do this just to Jack with our Brains for a week?


Will you tell us the WODs early?


Not even for $???

                                      -Maybe (but no)

Also don't forget to fallow us on our Facebook! Also check out our tentative schedule update on Details!

Img_0837 Coach_overlay_ribbon
Start at the beginning and read through If you reach the end and are still confused: repeat
so your saying your going to release the WODs today

Dont Run Out of Time!

Chad Collie

Men RX/ Men Scaled/ Women Scaled-Only half the spots remaining!

Don't be that guy/girl at the gym saying "I would have competed but there aren't any spots left"!


Weight Requirement Revision

Chad Collie

So you may have looked at our weight requirements and started to hesitate. To be perfectly honest, these were simply copied/created to give some sort of parameters as we finalize the events. Now that we have our events, let's revise these to be a bit more specific.

RX- Be able to preform the skills mentioned in our original post  (Pistols, double unders & muscle ups will have alternatives-prob will not be faster, but will be better than just standing there struggling until time runs out!)

      -Be able to clean/front squat/jerk/dead lift your body weight (women 80%)

      -Continue Reading

West Texas War Zone and Wounded Warrior Project

Chad Collie

We are proud to announce that West Texas War Zone will be donating a portion of its proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project this year. We will also set up an area to take donations at the event. If you are unfamilure with this charity or if you would simply like to learn about some of the True Heros that have fought and sacrificed for our great country-check out http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

Ever feel the words "thank you" just simply are not enough? Or that the description of "brave" or "hero" just do not come close to describing someone? Meet some of these Warriors aContinue Reading

RX vs Scaled

Chad Collie

So your faced with the question-"Am I RX or Scaled?"

Here is the easiest way to answer to this question

1. Do I do most (At least 80%) of my workouts RX at my Box?

2. Am I comfortable with all of the Movements? (as comfortable as possible (snatch-come'on, no one is comfortable in that movement))

3. Can I                -Clean (205/125)

                            -Snatch (175/85)

                            -Dead Lift (300/200)

                            -Front Squat (265/125)

                            -Do consecutive Double Unders?

                            -Do MContinue Reading

WWZ is Here!

Chad Collie

West Texas War Zone is finally here!

We are excited to bring such a great event to West Texas. Keep posted and keep training.

War is about to be declared!!!

Is there a super feather weight extra scaled division? My friend Justin Granado would like to enter.
Hello all! FYI, Noah Dean > Buster Coy.

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